Surprise Contest

Want a chance to win one of our TOP Fast G Pool tokenpacks?

we have made a limited collection of 503 Fast G NFT's, 3 have a coloured star corresponding to our tokenpacks.

Mint one or more Fast G NFT's to find out if you have won one of our tokenpacks.

If you get the Fast G with a star you win the corresponding tokenpack.

 this mint wil run until 12/1/2023 or untill all fast G's have hit the road!

100,000 FGPT tokens + Gold Card

50,000 FGPT + Silver Card

25,000 FGPT + Red Card

Deposit 125 ADA to this address to get a visit from a Fast G and maybe he will bring you a great gift!

Please read our disclaimer here before entering this contest.

May the fast G luck be on your side


Minting an NFT can take a couple of minutes, please be patiënt while fast G is filling up his bike.... 

If you have the one or more of the winning nft's send us an email with a snapshot of your wallet and receive adress. (no exchange wallets, wallet must be able to handle Native tokens)