Fast G Pool ISPO

Basic ISPO Concept

An Initial Stake Pool Offering is an interesting new way of raising funds for innovative crypto projects.

Delegators who support artists and musicians can participate by delegating their wallet to FGPX

ISPO Rewards : 15,000,000.00

Bonus Rewards : 5,000,000.00

Start Date: 1/1/2023

End Date : 1/1/2024 

Project Overview

Fast G Pool Token is a business backed token.
Created by fast G pool and Revkon Records, FGPT provides acces to exclusive NFT's and services for artists all over the globe on our up and coming digital platforms.
The proceeds of the token sales wil largely go to Fast G pool to help the pools performance. A part will be used to further develop our digital platforms and and our day to day operations. 

FGPX Contributes by supporting charity.

This Year we support make a wish flanders and ovk

By providing a way for people to interract with the cardano blockchain without any prior knowledge we aim to assist the growth of the cardano ecosystem.

As a Native Cardano Token you can find and follow all our details