Fast - G - Pool

Follow our vision of combining virtual and reality.


Pool ID: 0725ac07ceaafa307ae3c361237d18dcf93da8cc9859b929ff2cc3fe

Variable Fee : 1%

Operator Fee : 340A

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Meet Fast G. 

A cool Giraffes collection that rides on the blockchain. The fast G family are 8888 limited edition bad ass Giraffes, each one unique in his own way.

Different settings reflect different stages of the Fast G's roadtrip party . 

Buy some fast G's and join us on our journey on the cardano blockchain. .

!!! Launch Date coming soon !!!


- Help integrate Cardano into European country's.

- Expand our pool network.

-Provide a place where people can feel welcome to come and learn all about the Cardano ecosystem.

-Support charities and schools with our initiatives.

-Exist in complete balance with nature.

-Help provide full acces to Cardano Ecosystem for existing artists together with Revkon Records. 

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